Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maid in Japan

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If you've been on the internet for more than 5 minutes, you know that Japan is the nerd capital of the world. The Akihabara district of Tokyo is the epicenter, a clutter of neon Tetris blocks that looks like Times Square squared, and every building has multiple floors of geek treasure. Whether it's newfangled electronics, t-shirts festooned with scenes from '80s anime, hard to find DVDs, or plastic figures of hyperjointed mechabots, you will find it here. And when you get hungry, you can have cupcakes served to you by squeaky girls dressed in maid outfits.
That's a maid girl advertising for a Maid Cafe in the background. It costs money to get photographed with them. My friend Peter and I were with Naomi and Kiku, and unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the sweaty nerds drooling over these maid girls. Digital photos are forbidden anywhere near these cafes. They want to sell you cheap tiny polaroids.
You can buy these costumes for your girlfriend or realdoll if you wish. Naomi was a good sport:
I treated for the maid cafe because it's something you can't experience elsewhere, and it's not sordid at all. They are completely cute about it, or kawaii as the real anime nerds would say. Thank goodness, because I was embarrassed enough.

That's the flyer for the place we went to. It's an internet cafe as well. I don't remember how the cake tasted, but the coffee was pretty good. Japan is different from the states. People go to these cafes just to use the internet; the equivalent of going to a Chuck E. Cheese to play Frogger. I couldn't leave without souvenir photos. You can pay for them or perform some sort of task on stage; a fellow with a huge pompadour got his by catching 3 pastries in his mouth. I'll regret putting these on the internet someday, but they crack me up. She kept hanging from my muscles like I was Hulk Hogan.
We had a great time with Naomi and Kiku; we had dinner at a yaki place (fried meat) and visited Yoyogi park where girls dress up after school and pose around the park as their own dreamt-up anime characters, but I'll save that for another post.


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