Friday, May 1, 2009

Putting the Bust in Mythbusters

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Kari Byron of Mythbusters not only helps the show from being a nerdy sausage fest, but she brings a sardonic sense of humor to things. Attractive women have always taken to herding geeks like a border collie to livestock, and she keeps Grant and That Other Guy in check. Sorry, his name's Tory. I looked it up. Kari is an art nerd, that subset of geekdom comprising graphic designers, theater set builders, and anyone who buys a Mac.
Kari is a sculptor but no longer shows her art now that she's on the show. Makes you wonder if it's wacky or offensive and she's worried if the Discovery Channel will kick her off if fans complain. Kari began with a job at Hyneman's M5 industries and on her first day, proved she was a good sport; they asked for a scan of her butt to test the "vacuum sealed to an airplane toilet" myth. And we were all glad it was her ass on the scanner, and not Jamie's.

She also isn't above posing in a labcoat and underwear to get geek hormones rising, as she did for FHM magazine:

There's another photo in that spread where she wears glasses, but she looks too much like Sarah Palin and it freaked me out. So, thanks to Kari for showing the world that not all geeks wear berets and walrus mustaches, though I've seen some girls like that at Sci-Fi conventions.


  1. When they first added the younger cast members to the show I was a little iffy. I figured it was just a stunt to get more people to watch the show by having young pretty people on it. I have to say that I actually enjoy the younger cast though. I kind of like how they will have Jamie and Adam work on one myth and the younger cast work on another during the course of the show though, I think it works pretty well.

    Kari is definitely pretty awesome though. She is smart, funny and very cute.

  2. Yeah, for a while I thought they were gonna be the Scrappy Doo's of the show, but they're good. And boy are they nerdy, so they fit right in.

  3. Great post. She's my favourite part of the show. Great blog too!


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