Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nerds and Their Vehicles

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Nerds need transportation just like anybody else. Sometimes they need more cargo space to lug gear, or costumes, or the bodies. So a scooter won't always do.
There's nothing wrong with art cars; to each their own. But nerds bring their own brand of obsession to it. A car covered with old 5.25" floppies in a checkerboard pattern is just the beginning, as you'll see.
This guy really likes Death Race 2000 and Frankenstein's car in particular. He made his hatchback into a Godzillamobile.
Above we have the Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler, ready to outrun T.Rexes with Jeff Goldblum in back, dressed like a '70s lounge lizard. That's pretty cool. Turning a Subaru Outback into the Ghostbusters mobile is pretty lame. Go find a '59 Cadillac hearse, you bum!
Here's another atrocity, turning a classic DeLorean into the Back to the Future version. Let's hope it can all be removed to return the car to original condition. If you're gonna do this, you should at least spend a few bucks to get an OUTATIME license plate.
Even animation fans abuse their vehicles, like this one airbrushed with Roger & Jessica Rabbit on the hood. Admittedly at one time I was going to get Pepe Le Pew and Penelope airbrushed on the hood of my white & black Mustang, but I never went through with it.
The piece l resistance, here is an Alien Queen chestbursting out of the grill of a PT Cruiser. What is it about PT Cruisers that makes owners make them even tackier? Admittedly this one is pretty cool, and looks even better from the front:
Imagine getting rear-ended by this thing. I'd love to see him try to parallel park behind me, so I could yell "GET AWAY FROM HER, YOU BITCH!"As expected, the creator of this amazing vehicle looks like he can barely function in everyday society, even in California, where he no doubt resides. Most of these images came from a Something Awful Forums thread about horrible things done to cars.


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