Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Music of Arnold Schwarzenegger

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great photo of Arnocorps from this flickr set

Thanks to Karl Hungus (he is here to fix ze cable) for introducing me to not one, but two Arnold Schwarzenegger tribute metal bands- Arnocorps, "The Greatest Band in the World," and Austrian Death Machine. They both have their charms, but I think I like Arnocorps better. Arnocorps has a more traditional metal sound, and sings songs such as "Crom (Strong on the Mountain)" and ones just named after their favorite movies, with lots of quotes sung as lyrics. So they aren't really much different than prog-metal like Iron Maiden, who sang about The Prisoner, The Wicker Man, and so on.
Austrian Death Machine is more of a death metal band like DethKlok, not much my taste. But they are very funny, and have a guy who does a great Arnie impersonation between and during tracks. They are more of a spoof than a tribute, and while I can make fun of Arnie and his screen persona as much as anybody, I think I appreciate a tribute over more hipster irony. They have songs like "Get to Da Choppa," "It's Not a Tumor," and "Screw You (Benny)" but I had a hard time discerning some of the lyrics. Guess I am too old.

If you enjoy the metal they are both worth a listen, for a nice funny change of pace. Imagine Gwar! for Arnie. I hope to see them both perform live sometime, but I think they are both based in California; ADM is a side project of Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying, so I'm not sure they tour much. Oh well. and I haven't even listened to Schwarzenator yet!

They are both available on Amazon:


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