Monday, April 6, 2009

Kickboxing, Sport of the Future

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My martial arts class got profiled on MYSNTV. They were filming there a few weeks ago. I'm only in it for a few brief seconds, but you can listen to some of my goofy classmates talk about bashing each other's faces in. I train at AFS, aka Advanced Fighting Systems, aka "Team Asylum." It's a mixed martial arts school where Phil Dunlap teaches Bando, Burmese boxing and grappling, in a cage fight ring set up in his house.

We have plenty of guys who train to compete, and then goofballs like me who go there for the workout, and to learn how to fight with Nepalese kukris and other crazy jungle weapons. It's a unique experience. Phil is not just a great guy and seasoned bare-knuckle fighter, but he's a hell of a character and I have a hard time not just sitting and BSing with him instead of being choked and pummeled by classmates.

Even a flabby nerd like me can benefit from MMA training if you have the gumption. You get a lot of bruises, a lot of sore muscles, but like Fight Club, you feel great. And at least we wear (4 oz) gloves. It's especially gratifying when you beat some young athlete in his prime by smothering him with your bitch-tits, like Bob in Fight Club. Joking aside, MMA has taught me about perseverance and what you can accomplish when you refuse to give up, something everyone should learn.


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