Monday, April 13, 2009

I'd like to Observe and Report on Anna Faris's dress

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Let me get this straight, when I saw Anna Faris in the trailers for Observe and Report I didn't think she was hot. I thought she was brilliant! Just the face she makes when Rogen tells her she's going to be murdered by the flasher is incredible, and her acting is superb. She plays the self-absorbed ditz with no hyperbole, and I really look forward to seeing the movie not just for Seth Rogen playing a dark character, but also to riff off of Faris.
I'm not a huge fan- I barely remember her from the excellent horror film May and Lost in Translation, I'm not a fan of the Scary Movie series, and I haven't seen The House Bunny or Smiley Face yet. But just from what I've seen in that trailer I think she has big things ahead of her, and I'm not just talking about her boobs.


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