Wednesday, April 15, 2009

George Lucas's daughter in the cage

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George Lucas's daughter Amanda stepped into the mixed-martial arts ring recently for part of reality show entitled "Princesses of Pain." Unfortunately it seems to have been a fiasco, with a badly matched fight that left her more beat up than her Dad was after fans watched Attack of the Clones. As a practitioner of MMA and fan of the sport, I'm glad that more women are entering it. I just watched a decent fight on Showtime's Strikeforce, but that was also a little unmatched. I think once more women fight there will be better matches. Now it is still being treated as a bit of a novelty.
This ain't Foxy Boxing. There's blood and bruises and I'd be just as wary stepping into the ring with some of these gals as I would a male MMA fighter. I've worked with girls at AFS and most of the time they have more heart than guys, because they know they're being watched. My last black eye came from a girl- though she was brawling without gloves. "Damn, that's a good shot!" There's nothing like encouraging someone to hit you hard in the face, to prove to yourself that perhaps you are mentally unhinged.
The tabloid rags say Amanda is a down to earth gal and no prima donna, despite her billionaire background. That's always nice, but give her some credit. She's nouveau riche, she won't be a Hilton. It's also said that she kept fighting even though she was getting one hell of a beating from her heavier and more seasoned opponent. That's heart, and that's something you can't buy or teach. From the photos, she took quite a few shots to the face- I've been there, bloody and and puffy from being someone's punching bag- and it's no picnic. so, kudos to you, Amanda. I may not forgive your father for the Star Wars prequels but you gave the Lucas name some serious respect. Now go home and put your Pop in a rear naked choke until he stops making more Star Wars spinoffs.


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