Friday, April 3, 2009

Cosmic Jambalaya - bye bye Life on Mars

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Bye bye Life on Mars- the American remake at least. The season came to somewhat satisfying end. It wasn't the greatest show, but it was watchable and different- cop hit by a car is in a coma, he thinks he's in 1973. And he begins to know that he's in a coma.

It had Michael "Christophuh" Imperioli in an entertaining role as a nasty detective, and Harvey "Full Frontal" Keitel as their Captain; Gretchen Mol as "No Nuts," the only policewoman in the sexist, gritty '70s. Imperioli was always good for sneaking some B-side quote of a single; on the last ep he mentions about "drinking up all the salty margaritas in Manhattan," a nice nod to Warren Zevon's "Desperadoes Under the Eaves."
He also had a nice quote- "We're livin' on a rock hurtling through this big cosmic jambalaya, and all we can hope to do is find a couple of people who make livin' on this swingin' sphere remotely tolerable." Heavily paraphrased of course. I liked it.
The ending was as crazy as expected from a show with this concept, and I liked it. Nice wrap up- certainly different from the BBC series, which was a lot different.


  1. I did not watch the show religiously. I enjoyed it when I saw it. I also like a show with an ending. I'd rather see a good show do 12 episodes and end logically that a show do a good season and a half, then suck for quite a while (I'm looking at you "Lost").

  2. I like Lost a lot, but I liked it better when they had a 5 year plan, and didn't extend it at the network's behest. Same with Sopranos- they dragged it out a bit, and you felt it. Good stories all have ENDINGS.

  3. Battlestar Galactica did it right! So say we all!


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