Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bully Beatdown

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It is one of life's great pleasures to watch bullies get their comeuppance. MTV has capitalized on this with their new reality show Bully Beatdown, where MMA fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller answers the pleas of the victims and gets their bullies into the ring with a mixed-martial arts fighter.
Miller has a good record (21-6) on Sherdog and his smart-ass screen persona is fun to watch. He hasn't done a fight himself yet, and he even acts self-effacing in front of the bullies- you wouldn't want them to chicken out! The deal is if the bully accepts, he can win $10,000 if he lasts a 3 minute grappling round and a 3 minute striking round with a fighter. Every time he taps out due to a submission he loses a thousand bucks, up to $5k; it goes to his victim instead. If the striking round has to be stopped, they lose too. And they have to hand the money to the people they bullied!

The bullies have all been violent egotistical douchebags who've "never lost a fight" because they know to only pick on people who won't fight back. So while the show appeals to our baser instincts, it sure does satisfy. There's nothing more enjoyable for someone who's trained in the cage, than to see some street slob get taken apart. I've never been a big fan of reality shows, but this one's got me hooked. Here's footage of a bully in the ring- he's a douche who beats on his older brother.


  1. Where was this show when I was in elementary/junior high school?

  2. They were probably beating us up :)


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