Sunday, March 15, 2009

nerds are gay for Nathan Fillion, and...

I'm reading: nerds are gay for Nathan Fillion, and...Tweet this!
I knew that sci-fi nerds and Joss Whedon apologists were gay for Nathan Fillion, but when I posted the video of him in the porn spoof "Nailing Your Wife" yesterday, my hits exploded. And they were all coming from one website, The Large Penis Support Group. For science's sake, I peeked at their content. You know, for purely ungay scientific reasons. I was expecting guys crying about how their humongous member made jogging impossible, got caught in revolving doors, and had to be slung over their shoulder like a Continental soldier. But no, it seems to be a big cock appreciation site, and they are really hot for Captain Mal.

Posts included "I'd occupy that Castle" and what not. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just got curious where my hits came from and as often happens on the internet, uncovering stones leads to amusing surprises. One of these days I'll post all the weirdest search results that have led to my movie & food blog, Pluck You Too!. Let's just say the Internet wants to know how much the Geek charged people to see Molly Ringwald's panties in Sixteen Candles, demand to see Lara Croft's crotch, and remember the Wookelar from that 80's movie The Private Eyes surprisingly well.


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