Monday, March 9, 2009

Mad Max 4 to be set in New Zealand

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Okay I made that up, but it might as well be. Producer George Miller wants to make a new entry in the series without Mel Gibson, and all computer animated. If that wasn't enough to make you think he's nuttier than squirrel turds, here is a recent photo of him making a toy penguin rape an Oscar:
His last movie was Happy Feet which was pretty good, but it seems that he got bit by Robert Zemeckis, who made the completely unnecessarily animated Beowulf. I liked Beowulf when it wasn't re-enacting penis gags from Austin Powers, but other than saving Roy Winstone from having to work out, what was the point of the all-CG decision?
And why in the name of the Humongous would you make a Mad Max movie CG? The series is best known for having some of the best real stunts ever caught on film. The last CG car movie other than Cars I can remember was the abysmal Gone in 60 Seconds remake, which shat on everything that made the low-budget, 93 car crashes in 90 minutes original all kinds of awesome.
So imagine Wez riding 'Mater from Cars and you'll have an idea what this movie will be like. And why no Mel? Probably because Mel Gibson saw Indy 4 and Live Free or Die Hard. Or he's too busy making Triumph of the Will. Oh! I went there. Either way, let's hope this movie never gets made: trilogies are the perfect size, like a Wendy's Triple. A quadruple cheeseburger? That's crazier than a snake's armpit, and gets you put on the This is Why You're Fat blog.


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