Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lost toes and the L-shaped bedsheet

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Lost finally cockteased us some more with that 4 toed statue. The writers are having a lot of fun with the time jumping, and I think it was a brilliant way to give us a sense of the breadth of the history of the island. We already knew from the Black Rock shipwreck that the island has been known for a long time, and we've jumped from the World War 2 era, when Charles Widmore was chillin' with his M1 Garand, to the '70s Dharma Initiative war with the Otters. (not a typo, I'm trying to be funny)
This season has been solid, pushing the story along but keeping the Lost tradition of replacing every mystery we begin to understand with a new, unfathomable one. While we didn't get a classic moment like Hurley throwing hot pockets at Ben, we had a few doozies. But here's one little throwaway that I liked. On most TV and movie sets, all beds are equipped with an L-shaped sheet that covers men to the waist and women to the neck, so we aren't scarred for life by seeing boobies. When Sawyer gets woken up by a phone call, they deftly avoid this cliche by having Juliet roll over onto her stomach instead of shyly pulling the sheet up to hide her nudity from the guy she just slept with. Nice touch, and made it feel like they'd really been shacked up for 3 years.
And I must say, Juliet has replaced Kate in my Lost spank bank. Evangeline Lilly is still smoking hot, from her steely eyes and freckles down to her slinky but athletic figure, but the character of Kate is so oddly fickle and unstable that I'm finding the shrewd and conniving Juliet much more appealing. She's smart, she's strong, and you know she'll always land on her feet. And the actress was damn good in the otherwise middling Running Scared. She was also apparently in Gia, a movie I haven't seen for some reason, which is now at the top of my queue.


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