Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lil Burgers 20 Pack vs. White Castle Crave Case

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What is the perfect movie food, popcorn? Bah! I say sliders. And now they will BATTLE! The classic White Castle vs. the local up & comer, Lil Burgers. If there was a Krystal's near me it would be a 3-way battle.
The White Castle Crave Case is a thing of legend. 30 White Castle cheeseburgers crammed into a cardboard, Ghetto Halliburton briefcase and handcuffed to your arm so no one steals it on the drive back home. This also locks the case shut so no one grabs a "road burger" while the driver is occupied. It was Milky and I's wont that we attempt to conquer it, after watching Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. We failed miserably. We could only eat half! We weren't high or even drunk, which was part of the problem. And our tastes have evolved past sliders. At least in huge portions. Sliders are still a wonderful fast food, cheap and plentiful. Personally I think the frozen ones taste better when microwaved because you can really steam the shit out of them and melt the cheese completely. And you don't need to drive to the ghetto to get them. However if you have a few more bucks, you can do one better... and get it delivered.
If you live near Nutley New Jersey, you can go to Lil Burgers. I've reviewed them before on Pluck You Too. They make some really tasty, fresh-grilled mini burgers. They are also a buck each before you add cheese and bacon, like the ones pictured above have. Let me admit that I'm a good customer of this place and I think they added bacon on my suggestion. It really makes them even more awesome. They have more meat than White Castles, so their 20 Pack was as filling as the Crave Case. We could only eat exactly half of each. Good news is, both freeze and reheat well later!
The above is The Wrangler- it's a Lil Burger with an onion ring and BBQ sauce. It's $1.50, and while a good idea, I'd spend that money on bacon. Then buy onion rings, and make your own! As for BBQ sauce, we prefer Dinosaur Bar-Be-Que's Wango Tango mild habanero sauce. It's still spicy but diluted and sweet, so you can slather it on your burgers without falling into a burning ring of fire.
Lil Burgers makes good McDonald's-worthy shoestring fries, good sweet potato fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, cheesy broccoli bites, Lil Chicks and fish burgers if you so desire. If you're anywhere near them, they are worth a try. We're spoiled because we're in delivery range! They use sweet potato rolls for their burgers too. They definitely conquer the White Castle and dethrone the Burger King.

Actually now that BK has sliders, that remains to be seen. We may have to try them out some night, but from the looks of them, they aren't worth it.


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