Thursday, March 26, 2009

How tall is the Schwarzenator?

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It seems as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a gangster. And people have wondered how tall Arnold Schwarzenegger really is. I remember when he filmed Jingle All the Way in Minneapolis, that everyone who saw them filming him run around commented on how they thought he was taller, like Snake Plissken.

His IMDb page lists him as 6'1", and he claims he has shrunk now that he's in his 60's. This does happen, but when you compare him to other actors, his height seems more like 5'11", or even less. The folks at Arnold Height have created a website devoted entirely to discerning Arnold's true vertical measurements. You'd think someone who was Mr. Universe for so long would have been measured more accurately than square footage in property dispute, but these figures are shrouded in mystery.
Accusations of elevator shoes have been flung, nothing new for Hollywood actors; I think Tom Cruise is 4'11", actually. Alan Ladd was followed by rumors that women had to walk beside him in a trench, spoofed in a Monty Python skit. Bodybuilders aren't always gigantic in stature, either- Franco Columbu, one of the greatest, was only 5'5". Short limbs makes for easier muscle building, something I know well. I have stubby little Godzilla arms, and my friend Peter has gangly spidercrab limbs. He has to work a lot harder on the weight bench than I do!

Now he's a politician, so he can stand behind a podium and look taller all the time. So how tall is Arnold? Nobody knows. But if you read, you can make your own informed decision. Until they put up another article.


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