Friday, March 6, 2009

Emma Thompson and the Wardrobe Malfunction

I'm reading: Emma Thompson and the Wardrobe MalfunctionTweet this!
Not her own, heh heh. As you can imagine, it might be not be work safe, but only barely.

That was a French comedienne named Julie Ferrier, playing a character she calls Sandra Mouler- a ditzy starlet type. It says a lot about France, England, and the U.S. We see a nipple and get outraged, though Janet Jackson's ninja throwing star nipple was an obvious stunt. In France, they bare them as a gag. In England, Emma's mummy instincts kicked in and she runs up to help the poor girl, not being in on the joke.
Emma is no stranger to breezy wardrobes.

We like our sex dirty here in the States. Especially if we're Catholic. It's like how stolen apples, or cherries for that matter, taste better. Here, Puritanism vies with perversion. We make a big deal of seeing an ass on television. Remember NYPD Blue? In the 90's, David Caruso's ass generated ratings. By the end, they even showed Dennis Franz's as, which was uncalled for. Outrage! Harumph, harumph! Hey, I didn't get a harumph out of that guy!


Between the constant barrage of TV news scares and the shock and awe outrage-baiting on prime time television, Tivo is the only cure. I haven't watched a commercial willingly in years. I refuse to watch TV live anymore. I'll watch pre-recorded stuff until the live show is mostly recorded, and fast forward through it all. It's outrage enough that I get commercials on channels that I pay for, i don't need a local anchordouche making me guess what food is poisoning children this week, or whose tit popped out at a nightclub. I prefer my news filtered through comedians, youtube mashups and internet memes, facebook gag groups and twitterstorms. I can't wait until there's Tivo for my brain.


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