Monday, March 23, 2009

crazy-ass dream #2

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Last night I dreamt I was in the new Hellraiser movie. Now, if you've seen any of the Hellraiser sequels, they sort of nosedive after the second one. They follow the usual logical progression of sequels- there's one in the past, there's one IN SPACE. At least they didn't have a Pinhead vs. Jason. But I'm sure that's next.
I was probably dreaming about the Cenobites because I read a review of Knowing, directed by Alex Proyas. He did Dark City and The Crow, and then made it big with I, Robot- trading his dark stylish beginnings for generic blockbusters. Otherwise known as "Sucking the big Emmerich." Anyway, the Knowing review mentioned "men in black" similar to his cenobite-esque Strangers from Dark City. They wear similar long black dresses- really, what else can they be called? And have the same pasty white skin. Just no bizarro S&M wounds like Pinhead and crew.
These guys are apparently from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Anyway, it was a great dream! Sort of like living a Silent Hill game, except Pinhead and his crew were stalking around, saying their usual gloomy stuff like "Dry your tears! It's a waste of good suffering!" and "Maybe we'll just tear your soul apart." Doug Bradley really made the movie with his voice and mannerisms; it's a shame he got turned into a slasher villain in the sequels. It was much better when they were cautionary, tortured explorers in the extremes experience. Demons to some. Angels to others.
Doug Bradley

They were definitely demons to me in the dream, but thankfully they didn't get their hooks into me. Heh heh. How come my greatest dreams are nightmares? I don't even like horror movies all that much. Anyway, I like to think that Doug Bradley really looks like Pinhead- or "Lead Cenobite" as he is officially known- and he goes to coffee shops and shit, reading the paper, waiting for someone to solve the puzzlebox. "I could just tear this muffin apart."


  1. you need more nights spent with pretty ladies in your bed to make you dream pretty.

    and by ladies i mean a singular lady.

  2. Crosswords the some, Sudoku to others!

  3. Today's travel section has such sights to show you!

  4. From Suzanne: "I had dinner with Clive Barker once. And I actually met the Pinhead guy, which is a funny story, since he was waiting for me but I didn't recognize him because of course I didn't think about the fact that he wouldn't look like Pinhead in real life and I had just put down Pinhead 11am on my calendar, so when I came out to fetch him he had to whisper to me that he was Pinhead. Dream on!"


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