Sunday, March 8, 2009

crazy-ass dream #1

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Last night I had a fitful sleep, troubled by disturbing dreams. Let me share some of their hilarious stupidity with you.
I was on an oil rig, where we were super deep sea fishing. With anchor chains on winches. You just watched and let the machine do the work! It was awesome, because they caught a megalodon. That's one of those 100 foot long prehistoric sharks. This one was hooked and still jumping. Any dream with a 100 foot shark is cool. We also dragged up weird critters from the deep, like milky white flat sharks that looked like giant albino flatworms:

What was awesome was that the fishing crew guys would gut them, and tag them with appropriate recipes. If only fishing were like this all the time! Maybe they could come out of the water fully cooked, in crisp water-resistant batters.
My body is wracked with sore muscles from three days of great workouts in a row, so the rest of the dream was even stranger. We wondered the beaches near the rig, seeing ramshackle shanty bars full of old salts and rig workers, and the rocky beaches were covered with huge catches, that all looked like groupers lined up, gasping their last breaths. We struck out along the rocky beaches until we got to a haunted house, where children needed help. The ghosts were infesting people and making them do evil, and of course, I got possessed as soon as I walked in. The Hal Joey Osment of the group who could see dead people helped me realize that I was blinded due to demonic spirits, and I fought the only way I knew how.
I acted like Arnold. With a mighty scream of AGGHGH!!! and a hearty "FUCK!! YOU!!!" I fought the demonic possession and cast the demons out! Or at least I think I did. I woke up. It was a great nightmare, I could tell I was half-awake with the morning sun blinding me through my eyelids, to create this dream. I haven't remembered a dream in a long time, and these were great ones.


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